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Together at the Top

Dealing with pain? stiffness? weakness?

Reduce Pain
Increase Mobility
Improve Strength
Gain Knowledge

Achieve your Goals

We can provide you with a noticeable improvement in your symptoms within 4 visits


At The Physio Junction, we aim to help you reduce pain, increase strength and mobility, and equip you with the knowledge to take charge of your own health. Our experienced physiotherapist offers a wide range of treatment techniques based on the results of a thorough initial assessment. Let us help you achieve a healthier life.


OUR PATIENT experiences

Youssef is extremely good at what he does. He helped me with chronic back pain and joint pain. I have felt much better since I started my sessions with youssef and recommended him to a few family member who all have benefitted from physiotherapy with Youssef. I would highly recommend him to those suffering from chronic pain and need help in pain management and improvement of muscular health.

- Safura 

I went to Youssef with persistent pain in my neck, shoulders and back. Within weeks he was able to eliminate the pain and gave me exercises to do at home to strengthen the affected areas to stop the pain from coming back. A courteous, caring professional with an effective treatment plan. Thank you Youssef!

- Eddie

I was treated by Youssef for plantar fasciitis. Youssef was very thorough obtaining all background information, explaining the cause and the proper exercises to correct. The physio he applied was very effective.
Youssef is a professional.
Highly recommend!

- Lorna

I went to youssef after a painful battle recovering from an ice skating accident. he was a very compassionate PT, and his therapy and at-home programs were very effective, practical and gave me results better than i had hoped for. Definitely recommend him, and I'll def be back should any further need comes up.

- George

Youssef is not only highly knowledgeable and skilled but also extremely professional. I was impressed by his dedication and genuine passion to get me back to the sports I love, after being sidelined from an ACL tear. Highly recommend!

- Kyrollos 


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